Scoring Concerns

How to Pick Up Loose Pins and Spares


While the strike may be a good way to score in bowling, the truth is, it’s not the only way to rake up the points in a game. There are several ways to do so, and as you read on you’ll find some of these ways. Be sure to practice them, too, because like your favorite promo codes that make online shops like Lazada and Zalora more fun, these scoring tips will also make your game more fun. There are events that you can join and you can win prizes. Just by playing bowling you might win a madame tussauds museum tickets for vacation. Before going to the bowling alley, make sure you have the right shoes to wear. You can search online on how to use the groupon kortingscode producten or use the groupon discount code products when online shopping.

One way to rake up points is through picking up loose pins and getting spares.

There are little scoring secrets in bowling, too.


First, you need to understand the scoring system. Understand how scoring works to plan your shots well. Knowing how bowling is actually scored helps you decide which pins to go for and when. The basics are easy — there are ten pins, and each pin you hit is worth a point. However, spares and strikes are worth more than just 10 pins. Strikes (X) are worth 10 points, plus whatever you hit on the next two throws. Spares (/) are worth 10 points, plus whatever you hit on the next throw. This means a single frame can be worth more than 10 points if you get a strike or spare. If you want to learn more about how to score on bowling, you can purchase tutorial books online using discounts such as “kortingscode actie van de dag toppers for less” or discount code action of the day toppers for less.

Second, you need to remember that speed makes the whole process of picking up spares makes it all easier. Higher speeds mean there is less time for the ball to react and turn off line. Practice a straight, consistent spare shot and you will beat many a people who throw the same shot every time. Everybody can strike. Not everybody spares.

Third, Lower, or “weaken,” your wrist on your shot to get less spin and a straighter throw. This provides a more accurate shot, as less spin means the ball will hook less. To weaken your wrist, start your shot with your wrist curved slightly down, towards the floor. On your follow through, don’t let your wrist and fingers snap up as much. This may take some practice, but changing wrist positions is one of the most important skills for intermediate or advanced bowlers. You might get muscles aches on your first training so better buy painkillers. You can use abubot discount code to save more money.